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Claus Coxx


 Bass - Double Bass - Vocals



In his best teenage years In the early 80s, Claus Coxx began his musical journey in blues.

Over rockier realms like Rhythm'n'Blues as well as Hard- and Southernrock his way led him to the country and Rock'n'Roll - here he is of course slapping style on the double bass.

Not only on the instrument he convinces, but also on the microphone in the background and lead vocals - this also makes his class.

For over 30 years, Claus Coxx has been present on stages all over Germany and in neighboring countries - whether at gigs in corner pubs and clubs or at large open-air events.

In addition to his permanent bands, he likes to be available as a sub, where there is need for (bass) man.

Main thing Rock'n'Roll!

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